Prabowo Subianto: Kita Jangan Termakan Brainwashing Bahwa Indonesia Negara Miskin

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Jakarta – Candidate number 2 for President, Prabowo Subianto, emphasizes his commitment to siding with the people, especially those facing economic difficulties. At the ‘Press Dialogue and Presidential Candidates’ event at the Dewan Pers building in Jakarta on Thursday (4/1/2024), Prabowo emphasized the importance of taking real action, especially for children from weak economic backgrounds.

Prabowo asserted that the flagship program of the Prabowo-Gibran pair, such as providing free lunch and milk, must be implemented immediately to provide direct benefits to the community.

“This is a matter of necessity, this is a matter of the nation’s future,” he added.

In carrying out this program, Prabowo ensured that Indonesia has the capacity to implement it. Referring to the trillions of rupiah budget for social assistance and education, Prabowo highlighted the importance of providing food in schools as part of the social assistance program.

Responding to the large budget used for the construction of the new Capital City (IKN), Prabowo is confident that Indonesia is capable of managing it. He emphasized that the development of IKN is part of the country’s infrastructure that requires large investment.

“We can manage it. We should not be swayed by the brainwashing that Indonesia is a poor country,” he firmly stated.

In a discussion held by the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) at the Dewan Pers building, Prabowo emphasized that the large budget used for the IKN project should be seen as part of long-term investment. He hoped that the community would not be influenced by the negative narrative about Indonesia’s ability to develop the project.

Prabowo stressed the importance of not being influenced by negative opinions about Indonesia’s ability to manage the development of IKN. For him, the belief that Indonesia is capable of achieving success and managing large projects like IKN is very important. (SENOPATI)


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