Prabowo Hujan-hujanan, Joget Bareng 80 Ribu Masyarakat Manado

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Manado – Presidential candidate number 2, Prabowo Subianto greeted around 80,000 people in North Sulawesi at the KONI Sario field, Manado, Monday (5/2).

Prabowo’s arrival was immediately welcomed by tens of thousands of people who had been waiting for him since the morning. Prabowo also appreciated the loyalty they had given to him all this time. “Amazing, my friends from Kawanua,” shouted Prabowo.

The moment of Prabowo’s meeting with the people of North Sulawesi became even more lively with campaign songs for the Prabowo-Gibran pair. Prabowo also danced with tens of thousands of people from North Sulawesi who crowded the KONI Sario field despite being rained on.

“I don’t feel cold. I don’t feel wet, because I feel the spirit,” Prabowo said, which was responded to with loud cheers from the people present.

Before meeting the people at the KONI Sario field, Prabowo first carried out a number of activities in Langowan, such as visiting the graves of his extended family from his mother’s side, the Sigar-Maengkom family; and greeting the people at Schwarz Field, Langowan, Minahasa.

The whole series of activities by Prabowo in North Sulawesi received a very enthusiastic welcome. The crowd even eagerly waited on the sidelines of the road to see Prabowo, the figure they admired and idolized all this time. (SENOPATI)


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