Menhan Prabowo Subianto Bangga Unhan RI Cetak Sejarah Luluskan 75 Sarjana Kedokteran Militer

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Bogor – Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto expressed his pride that the National Defense University (Unhan) of Indonesia has made history by graduating the first military medical doctors in Indonesia.

“Why do I say this is historic, because for the first time Unhan has produced 75 graduates in military medicine,” said Prabowo in his speech while attending the graduation of Unhan students in Sentul, Bogor, on Monday (12/2).

Prabowo also highlighted Indonesia’s need for 140,000 doctors to address the issue of healthcare workers.

“We started a few years ago from Unhan, and now our capacity is only 75 doctors. Meanwhile, our country needs an additional 140,000 doctors,” he explained.

“There is a shortage of 140,000 doctors in Indonesia, and if we fill that number, it will only meet the requirements of a country recognized by the UN with adequate health standards for a modern country,” he added.

A total of 573 graduates attended today’s event including 17 doctors; Faculty of Defense Strategy (273); Faculty of Defense Management (69); Faculty of National Security (82); Faculty of Defense Science and Technology (57); and 75 graduates of the Military Medical Faculty. (SENOPATI)


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