Prabowo Subianto Imbau Pendukung Tak Turun ke Jalan: Utamakan Keutuhan, Persatuan Bangsa

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Jakarta – Prabowo Subianto, president elect for the period 2024-2029, urged voters, supporters, and volunteers of Prabowo-Gibran to prioritize the unity and unity of the Indonesian nation by not engaging in mass actions at the Constitutional Court (MK) building.

“Saya Prabowo Subianto sincerely asks the Indonesian people, especially the 96.2 million Indonesian citizens who voted for the Prabowo-Gibran pair, not to take any action in front of the MK building or in other places in order to maintain the calm of democracy, maintain the unity and integrity of the nation,” said Prabowo.

Prabowo said he understood the accusations made by others, but he urged all his supporters to remain calm and peaceful.

“We understand that Prabowo-Gibran’s supporters are very disturbed and have quite touching reactions, but we ask the supporters of the Prabowo-Gibran pair who have used their voting rights to always be vigilant, careful, and not be provoked, especially by those who create an atmosphere that is not peaceful and calm,” said Prabowo.

By restraining themselves and not being reactive, according to Prabowo, it does not mean being weak, but rather prioritizing the interests of the people and the nation to maintain the unity and integrity of Indonesia.

“I emphasize once again let us remain calm, composed, restrain ourselves, allow the institutions to allow the judges of the Constitutional Court to carry out their noble duties with wisdom, always prioritizing the interests of the Indonesian people and nation for the beloved Indonesia,” concluded Prabowo.

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