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Jakarta, – PT. Tera Data Indonusa, Tbk is a Technology Information and Communication (ICT) company that was established in 1991. One of the National IT brands in Indonesia committed to providing products that are Innovative Yet Affordable (IYA). Currently, PT Tera Data Indonusa Tbk has 2 laptop brands, Axioo and Pongo, which compete with foreign laptop brands.

Hari ini Axioo announced a collaboration with JKT48. JKT48 is an idol group in Indonesia that debuted in 2011. During that time, this sister group of AKB48 has produced 12 generations consisting of young and talented idols.

As a representation of Gen-Z who grew up in the digital era and has high creativity and innovation, JKT48 joined Axioo as Brand Ambassador (BA) in the HYPE Collaboration.

Through this collaboration, Axioo and JKT48 want to invite young people to not be left behind, always follow developments, be more up to date with technology in order to optimize the use of technology, especially laptops, to support learning and work.

This collaboration also meets the needs of the community, especially for products with the latest designs and best performance in their class, for example for the Best 5 Million Laptop Needs. Not only that, Axioo can also be the best choice for gamers, content creators, and creative workers.

The collaboration with JKT48 as Brand Ambassador (BA) will also be followed by many flagship programs to be anticipated, such as the release of official merchandise, quiz prizes for JKT48 Theater Show tickets, and much more. Consumers also have the opportunity to own the Axioo x JKT48 Special Edition, a HYPE series laptop product with special JKT48 edition packaging and collectible items.

Axioo continues to be committed to providing the best service. Currently, Axioo has more than 177 service points spread across Indonesia, making Axioo one of the brands with the widest service point network in Indonesia.

Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships PT Tera Data Indonusa, Tbk., Timmy Theopelus, said that Axioo is committed to expanding its service network throughout Indonesia to reach more customers and provide optimal service.

“Penetration of laptops in Indonesia is only about 8%, with the collaboration of Axioo and JKT48 we want Axioo to be the best choice for the public and we believe we can tap into a wider market. In addition, we hope that by using Axioo, we can encourage young people to be proud of local brands and of course drive digital economy in Indonesia,” he said on Saturday (22/6).

In addition to the collaboration between Axioo and JKT48, Axioo also has a special program to provide convenience and the best service for potential users of Axioo products. In welcoming the Back To School period and meeting the need for laptops for students, Axioo has launched the Axioo 0% Installment and Axioo Trade In program, which will start on June 20, 2024, and apply at 15 Axioo Care Platinum points spread across Indonesia. Thus, users can have a pleasant experience using Axioo products without worry.

“This 0% Installment applies to purchases of Axioo Hype Series and Pongo All Series products. For Axioo Trade In, this program is a trade-in program for exchanging old laptops with new laptop units starting from all series of Axioo, as well as Pongo 725, Pongo 760, and Pongo 960 laptops. The Axioo Trade In program also offers a 0% installment, which will make it easier for customers to upgrade from old laptops to new Axioo laptops,” said Jimmy.

Interestingly, Axioo also launched a new flagship program, the Accidental Damage Protection. This Accidental Damage Protection from Axioo is a warranty guarantee program that provides comprehensive protection for various types of damage not covered by the normal warranty. Interestingly, this program is the first and only one from a local laptop brand in Indonesia. This program is valid nationally, starting June 20, 2024.

“We are very grateful for the trust given by Axioo users so far. The existence of this special service, especially Axioo Accidental Damage Protection, which is also our main service, is expected to help young people out there have peace of mind to create. If you encounter problems, don’t worry because Axioo is always ready to help you,” he concluded. (wol/eko/d1)